About Us


Owners Doug and Terrah Hogue

Prestige Cabinets is a family-owned and operated small business. Owned by husband and wife team, Doug and Terrah Hogue, they strive to create a value-centered company that offers quality cabinetry while supporting their team and contributing to their community.

Doug is a graduate of the VCU School of Business with a concentration in Small Business Management and Entrepreneurship.  Terrah is a graduate of William and Mary's School of Business with a degree in Accounting. Together they are a balanced team with Doug's ambitions to grow and Terrah's focus on sound bookkeeping. Their shared goal of providing high-quality cabinetry at competitive prices while offering the highest level of service to their clients unites them. 

They also both believe in taking care of their employees and share a desire to be active in the community. They endeavor to be a good example of a small, family-owned business positively impacting their local community.

Meet Our Team


Operations Manager

Mike Wiscott


Production Manager

Shawn Russell


Assembly Department

Left to right: Amir / Tyler / Mark / Travis (Manager)


Milling Department

Left to right: Max / Charles / Eddie (Manager) / Dave


Sanding Department

Left to right: Alex / DJ (Manager) / Abram


Finishing Department

Left to right: Daniel / Garret / Danny (Manager) / Willie / Jared


Hardware Department

Left to right: Tristen / Donald (Manager) / Ricky


Installation Department

Left to right: Bobby / Randy (Manager) / Andrew (Manager) / Yimi